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This is an Android app that enables you to extend and manage the battery life of your device

This is an Android app that enables you to extend and manage the battery life of your device

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Program license: Free

Program by: DU Apps Studio

Version: Power Doctor 4.0.5

Works under: Android


Program license

(31 votes)


Program by


DU Apps Studio

Power Doctor 4.0.5

Works under:


DU Battery Saver is the new and improved version of that app that was once called DU Battery Saver & Widgets, and it includes many functions to help regulate and even extend the life of your Android device's battery. The app boasts the ability to provide longer battery life on a daily basis, and it also has functions that work to make the device more reliable in general. There are multiple energy-saving options in the settings of this app, but many users will find the majority unnecessary.

The greatest feature of DU Battery Saver is that it can be customized to extend the battery life of your device with multiple power usage reduction methods. To help with this process, the app also installs a single button into the phone's terminal, which will automatically close unnecessary software taking up system resources and battery power. This is great for users who often forget about apps running in the background.

Of course, the most recent updates to the Android operating system include many of these functions natively, so the app basically becomes extraneous. Background apps have been manageable through the system since Ice Cream Sandwich, and a power saving mode was included with Lollipop.

Any Android device using Gingerbread of earlier versions will still benefit from this software, and the smaller functions that are included in the software will help Android users of any version. While this app is quite helpful at finding sources of battery overuse within the phone, it won't completely repair and optimize a battery to its factory utility since all batteries naturally degrade in quality over time.

Even though the app isn't that useful to most Android users, it is still one of the most intuitive and simple apps in this genre. It has basic menus that easily display all the possible power-saving utilities, which includes an airplane mode, a WiFi-only mode, and a way to customize the configuration of the device in any possible way.

Perhaps the most useful feature of this software is that it can detect apps and other pieces of software that are draining the most power from the battery. In many cases, certain apps draw a lot of power because they are complex or require constant work from the CPU. DU Battery Saver will point out these apps and offer simple solutions, although most users will probably just close the hungry app or delete it altogether.

While this app is useful for those with older Android devices, it is likely that most newer models will get nothing out the software. Since the majority of the functions in this app have already been integrated into the platform, it is only a matter of time before these other functions are added as well. Until then, DU Battery Saver is an excellent solution for those with phone battery and usage management issues.


  • Suitable Default Settings
  • Battery Usage Analysis


  • Most Functions Native To Android